THE PICKLEBALL CLUB AT MONROE- 10 indoor pickleball courts in a climate-controlled setting, dedicated to only pickleball! Built by pickleball enthusiasts for pickleball enthusiasts.

Dedicated Indoor Pickleball Courts & Pickleball Instructors


A pickleball club membership benefits all skill levels and provides exclusive scheduling perks regarding clinics, ladders, open play, and more.

Court Reservation

Whether you’re getting extra practice or want some fun competition, our easy-to-use court scheduling system lets you book court time that suits you.

Social & Open Play

Drop in with friends or get to know new players with our open-play pickleball matches organized by skill level.

Clinics & Lessons

Our certified pickleball instructors work with you individually or in a group, so you can take your game to the next level.

Juniors Program

Our Juniors Program will prepare students to play the game of pickleball through the use of an innovative mix of skills, drills, and games that prove the best kind of learning happens while you’re having fun.

Leagues & Tournaments

Our large variety of leagues will have you face off against other teams inside our club, including an option to travel to play teams outside the club.


Measure your official Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating with our custom DUPR programs.

We’re excited to bring more competitive and fun pickleball activities to Monroe Township in New Jersey. We know our indoor pickleball club is unique and the best in the area, and we can’t wait to get to know future members who will enjoy developing their pickleball skills alongside our certified instructors.” – Mike & Erica Rosenberg, The Pickleball Club at Monroe Owners

A Pickleball Club Dedicated Only to Pickleball

At the Pickleball Club at Monroe, we know pickleball like the back of our paddle. Everything we do is solely dedicated to pickleball, meaning members and guests get the best and most educated experience. Say “Goodbye” to competing for court time with tennis players, and “So long!” to chasing loose pickleballs across courts. Our indoor pickleball courts are only for pickleball. They have one set of lines and fenced barriers to keep errant balls from going astray.” Our indoor pickleball courts are built by pickleball enthusiasts for pickleball enthusiasts.

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What Can You Expect from Our Pickleball Club & Courts?

Facility Specs

✓ 10 indoor courts dedicated solely to pickleball
✓ 22,000 square feet of climate-controlled space
✓ Fenced courts ready for play
✓ Locker rooms for men and women
✓ Guest viewing, resting areas, and water fountains
✓ Private room for birthdays and corporate events

Pickleball Services

✓ Hourly and seasonal court rental options
✓ Plenty of open play availability
✓ Clinics for all experience levels
✓ Private and group lessons
✓ Competitive leagues and tournaments
✓ DUPR programs

Club Support

  • ✓ Family owned and operated
  • ✓ Passionate staff ready to serve you
  • ✓ Thorough introduction to the facility
  • ✓ A welcoming environment for all players
  • ✓ Club schedule filled with skill-building events
  • ✓ Certified pickleball instructors

Pam Friedman

PPR Certified Pickleball Instructor

Pam is a PPR Certified Pickleball Instructor, and 4.0+ experienced tournament player, having won gold medals at many events such as Philadelphia Open (4.0), Mercer Bucks Spring Class (2023) (4.0), 2021 & 2022 NJ Senior Olympics. She has been playing and instructing for over 5 years, after playing tennis for many years prior. She is a very visual teacher and makes sure that all players understand what she is teaching. If there aren’t happy faces on the court, she’s not doing her job!

When she’s not on the court, you can find her playing golf or spending time with her two dogs Mia and Lincoln, and her husband, Scott. Paddle up!

Glenn Hillman

PPR Certified Pickleball Instructor

A former Director of Operations Glenn has found a second career doing what he loves and is passionate about— coaching and instructing pickleball. Born with a racquet/paddle in his hand, Glenn has gone from paddleball to racquetball to pickleball. He is a 4.0 PPR Certified instructor who excels in strategy, court vision, and point development, and looks forward to passing along these skills to others..

Joe McCluskey

PPR Certified Pickleball Instructor

With experience as a First Responder, lifelong competitive athlete, and working within a pickleball club, it has enabled Joe to interact and instruct players of various levels. With a focus on sound fundamentals and techniques, Joe constantly works hard to create a fun, informative, and safe environment for his students to thrive in.

Ralph Shearer

PPR Certified Pickleball Instructor

Ralph is a PPR Certified Pickleball Instructor and 4.0+ player. He is an intermediate and advanced level Pickleball Clinic Specialist, and former USTA tennis player and instructor. Ralph’s pickleball proficiency and enthusiasm helped his son Derek train to become a PPA professional tour player. Check out Derek Shearer Pickleball on YouTube! Ralph is also a Team Engage Advocate.

Steve Lehrman

PPR Certified Pickleball Instructor

Steve is a certified instructor and competitive pickleball enthusiast. His focus is on private lessons and group clinics. Steve is also a Team Gearbox Advocate

Chuck Seeley

PPR Certified Pickleball Instructor

Chuck is the Team Leader for Morning Kickstart, a great way to get your mind and body ready to play pickleball. Chuck is a PPR Certified Pickleball Instructor, 4.0 level player, and has been active in pickleball since 2013. He has a desire to pay it forward, helping others learn and elevate their own game. Chuck continues to be a student of the game, grasping new ideas and concepts from his mentors and stronger players, and has created his own unique program. Are you Pickle-Ready, like Chuck?

Peggy Howell

PPR Certified Pickleball Instructor

Peggy is the Team Leader for our Juniors Program, developing pickleball skills for our youngest players. She is a retired Health and Physical Educator K-12, and a three time Athletic Hall of Fame Inductee. Peggy is a competitive pickleball player and coach who loves spending time with family, friends and her two favorite chihuahuas, Jake and Mia!

Susan Kapit

PPR Certified Pickleball Instructor

Sue is the Team Leader for Leagues, responsible for ensuring we have multiple options for instruction and competitive play. Sue has twenty years of league director experience and is a former D1 tennis player at WVU. Sue still plays tennis and has played at National Tennis Competitions. Sue has been playing competitive pickleball for the last 6 years and has won numerous Gold medals in Women's Doubles & Singles and is the current NJ Senior Olympic Singles Gold Medalist. Sue is a 4.0 Pickleball player.

Sue has been teaching Pickleball for the last 3 years and whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, when you are with her, the focus will be on proper technique and fundamentals, while learning to love the sport and having fun. Her goal is to make sure your full potential is realized. When Sue is not teaching pickleball, she is playing pickleball or tennis. When not on the court you can find her spending time with her family and giant dog, Chewbakka.

Scott Forest

PPR Certified Pickleball Instructor

Scott is the Team Leader for Clinics, helping to create all of the content for our instructors to ensure we deliver some of the best training possible. He is a USAP Ambassador, PPR and IFP Certified Pickleball Instructor, 42+ years of sports coaching, US Center for SafeSport trained, 4.0+ player, and a tournament medal winner.

While coaching singles or doubles, Scott’s primary focus is with form, mechanics, and balance, for repeatability. He has a strong interest aimed at individuals concentrating on high dynamic energy and strategic play. A disciple of “Focus and Motivation Sports Psychology,” Scott believes in a very Zen approach with a smooth execution.

Greg Del Favero

PPR Certified Pickleball Instructor

Greg is the Team Leader for Ladders, ensuring that all of the Ladders programming runs smoothly. He is a USTA National Champion and Mercer County Community College All American in tennis. Greg has also won pickleball gold medals in men’s and mixed tournaments. Greg is an intermediate and advanced level pickleball clinic specialist, and a 4.0+ player. Greg is a strong proponent of cerebral pickleball, and among his on court mantra are less is more, calm, take your time, lift, and GOOOOOD!

Jen Carara

Front Desk Manager

Jen graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Retail Management and a Masters degree in Education from Adelphi University. Her last position was as a Health Coach for Jenny Craig with a proven track record of success with sales and her clients!

Jen is a 3.5 player, has played in numerous doubles tournaments, and has even won a few medals. In her free time she likes to spend time with her family, work out, play lots of pickleball, take long walks with her dog Leo, and play canasta with friends.

Jeff Onuschak

Director of Pickleball Programming

Our Head Pro and Program Director, Jeff Onuschak is a state-recognized master teaching professional. He has taught over 2,000 pickleball enthusiasts how to play and improve their game. Jeff has been teaching pickleball for 34 years, and prides himself on providing conventional and non-conventional approaches to teaching pickleball, while providing private and group lessons, pickleball camps, and drill and skill sessions for beginners to advanced players.

Jeff's lessons maximize time on task as well as teaching to the individual learning style of each participant. His lessons are "high energy" and structured to get the maximum amount of reps in for each session.It is not unusual for a student to hit 800+ balls during a lesson with Jeff. Jeff can put any stroke deficiency "under the microscope" for reinforcement while also teaching for student success. He is also a Team Diadem and Team Selkirk Advocate and a demo agent for numerous paddle companies.